Willows - Geneviève Toupin

Geneviève Toupin's particular blend of folk music is all her own. Informed by the percussive powwows of her Metis roots, her intimate songs go from haunting harmonies to catchy melodies, with her voice all the while invoking the prairie wind.

Yves Desrosiers

For the past twenty years, Yves Desrosiers has been actively contributing to the musical scene in Quebec, most notably as a singer, guitar player, composer, arranger and producer. In 2007, he released Chansons indociles, a very personal album, entirely composed of original songs.


D'Harmo brings together four of the finest harmonica players on the Quebec music scene. This genre-bending quartet featuring the entire range of the harmonica family (diatonic, chromatic, bass and chord) delves into an entirely original repertoire inspired by Quebec's traditionnal music, jazz, klezmer and avant garde.


Bïa is a singer that was born in Brazil, but now lives in Quebec and France. In her music, different aspects of the cultures and traditions of these countries blend seamlessly.

(Français) Geneviève Toupin :  Europe et cafés

(Français) Geneviève Toupin : Europe et cafés

(Français) Yves Desrosiers dévoile deux chansons de son nouvel album!

(Français) Yves Desrosiers dévoile deux chansons de son nouvel album!

(Français) 2e Vidéoclip de Ivy-   L’enfance

(Français) 2e Vidéoclip de Ivy- L’enfance

(Français) L’enfance est le deuxième vidéoclip tiré de l’album
Hors des sentiers battus de IVY. Visionnez le superbe clip, nous vous invitons à le partager ET à donner au Garage à musique, un projet de la Fondation du Dr Julien […].

(Français) TOURNÉES & PRODUCTIONS – 2013

(Français) TOURNÉES & PRODUCTIONS – 2013

(Français) Pour tout connaitre des tournées et productions 2013, consultez le programme (pdf).